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Order Forms

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You must fill out a List Rental Agreement and Checklist (above) and submit them to us to rent a mailing list.

To suppress or profile your current mailing list, fill out the above Suppression Agreement. Questions? First-time renter? Call us for instructions.

Mailing Lists

ARC Management maintains the largest mailing list database of Seventh-day Adventists. By renting our database, you have the ability to increase brand awareness about your organization or ministry and attract new donors and/or customers.

Seventh-day Adventists are known worldwide for their interest in:

  • Medical, health, and natural healing
  • Education and teaching/instruction methods
  • Biblical Studies and the Bible

Organizations and ministries that address these interests and others will find Seventh-day Adventists to be a great target audience. Demographics can be found here.

It is our desire to connect your organization with potential donors and/or customers, thus furthering your work. You can do this by renting a mailing list from us, just like our other clients have done. Our clients include such organizations as ADRA, Adventist World Radio, Amazing Facts, Holbrook Indian School, It Is Written, PROJECT: Steps to Christ, The Quiet Hour, Review & Herald, United Prison Ministries, Vita-Mix, and many more.