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You must fill out a List Rental Agreement and Checklist (above) and submit them to us to rent a mailing list.

To suppress or profile your current mailing list, fill out the above Suppression Agreement. Questions? First-time renter? Call us for instructions.

Direct mail marketing can be a very successful way of reaching your target audience, but it must be done well to elicit a response. Following are a number of suggestions that can help you in developing a marketing piece that will grab people’s attention.

  1. Make sure you are mailing to the right audience. Should you be targeting Adventists in a certain region of the country? Should you be mailing to pastors or just church members? Determine who you want to reach.
  2. Plan a minimum of three test mailings and one larger mailing before making any cost analysis decision. Plan each test using different approaches to determine the best one for your organization. But remember, many factors may affect your mailing. Who are you targeting? What are you selling or requesting? When is the mailing scheduled to arrive? (First of month, after the 15th, etc.) What time of the year is it? (Vacation season, camp meeting, tax time, holidays, etc.)
  3. When asking people to make a choice, never ask them to make more than one decision. If you ask them to make two choices, most will choose to do neither.
  4. Get more people to open the envelope. Use the word “free” on the outside of your piece. Insert a small bulky “item” that invites curiosity. Many find that asking a question on the outside of the envelope with a note that the answer is found inside will double the amount of people who open and read their mailing piece.
  5. Determine with your printer and/or mailing house company the most economical mailing size. Small adjustments can mean great differences in postage and printing charges.
  6. Use proper endorsements, indicia, and FIM (facing identification mark) information. Missing, incorrect, or improper positioned of postal information may delay and even have your mailing rejected. If you are unsure of the postal regulations, work with a mailing house to determine the proper formatting of your piece.
  7. If you use the services of a mailing house, you can probably use the mailing house’s USPS mailing permit. Why pay for a mailing permit when you can use one for free? The mailing house will also handle all the postal paperwork for you.
  8. Make sure your mail is properly monitored. Every mailing we do is monitored for your protection, free of charge. This will help you track when the post office is delivering your mail and if it’s on time.
  9. Try to mail to concentrated areas of the country. When you mail to a specific area, such as Loma Linda, California, you will reduce your postage costs as compared to mailing across broad areas.
  10. Remember, 80 percent of most organizations’ revenue comes from 20 percent of their donors. Develop a personal relationship with each donor, and concentrate on moving them up the “donor ladder.” Direct mail marketing is a great way to attract prospective donors, but the real work starts when you add them to your database.