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You must fill out a List Rental Agreement and Checklist (above) and submit them to us to rent a mailing list.

To suppress or profile your current mailing list, fill out the above Suppression Agreement. Questions? First-time renter? Call us for instructions.

ARC Management maintains the largest mailing list database of Seventh-day Adventists. More than 80 percent of the master file contains both husband and wife names. However, when you rent from us, we will only charge you per household, not per name. Therefore, with the majority of households you are reaching two people for the price of one. To help you reach your desired target audience, we can segment your list in a variety of ways, including conservative and liberal, state, conference, union, and ZIP code.

As you know, a database is only as good as the names and addresses in it. We are constantly updating our records to offer our clients the highest quality names and addresses including running NCOA each month. According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), up to 10% of the list could be returned undeliverable or mistargeted due to moves or circumstantial changes in demographic compatibility. However, many have found ARC Management’s average return rate is much less.

When you rent from ARC Management, you receive the following benefits:

  • All of our addresses are CASS-certification ready, suitable for “presorting” to achieve automated mail rates. Our addresses meet these industry standards, as each rented address will have a ZIP+4 code.
  • About 16.8 percent of the U.S. population moves each year—which is more than 40 million people and businesses. ARC Management uses the National Change of Address registry on a regular basis, thus ensuring that you have the most up-to-date set of addresses possible.
  • We also offer free “continuations” for one year; if you request, we will omit any names you have rented from us for the past 12 months, on a “rolling” basis.